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The SBA requires that information submitted to them for loan approval, guaranty purchase, liquidation and litigation be in tab format. Requests that follow that model get processed faster. Loan changes need to conform to the current authority as granted in the SBA Loan Servicing & Liquidation Matrix.


The SBA wants loan documentation sorted into 10 tabs, so it is easier to find,and to make loan processing faster – a good thing. A guide as to what should go in each tab can be found in the Alternative LGPC 10-Tab Template. Please note that the type of documentation required depends on the dollar amount of the loan and the specifics of the credit. Loans with affiliates, franchises, etc. have different requirements.

There are several ways to submit 7(a) loan documentation.

Loan Application

Making Changes to a Loan

SBA requires that you comply with the Matrix in effect at the time you made a change in the Loan. For that reason, we recommend that you print a copy of the Matrix in effect at the time the loan was made.  This shows who has approving authority at the time.

  • Current SBA Unilateral Action Matrix  – the current matrix on the SBA website is out of date. The current matrix is dated 10/26/2017. Please contact our office for a copy.

A listing of all the SBA Loan Servicing & Liquidation Matrixes is available to our current clients on the membership portion of this website.

Please note: The format and requirements for documenting changes varies depending on whether or not the loan has been approved. If the loan has been disbursed, it is important to fill out a Loan Action Record and provide supporting justification for any change, in accordance with SOP 50-57 to document any changes.

Guaranty Purchase, Liquidation/Litigation